B(v)inary Cocktails

Through the application of video synthesis, a process of deconstruction is undertaken that targets binary oppositions, fundamental dichotomies that structure thought. This methodological exploration leads to various perceptible anomalies within the visual output, manifesting as glitches, distortions, corruptions, and malfunctions. These intentional aberrations challenge traditional notions of stability and coherence, offering a critical examination of underlying structural principles.

The inherent problem with a system predicated on binary opposites resides in its creation of a rigid boundary between two concepts that are posited as mutually exclusive. Consider common examples like a light switch that can only be on or off, a sports match with a definitive winner or loser, or the simplistic dichotomy of hot and cold water. Such binaries often fail to encompass the complex, multifaceted reality where a multiplicity of conditions and states can exist. Given that multiplicity is frequently more reflective of contemporary life’s nuanced complexities, an exploration of its underlying logic seems not only valuable but necessary.

In this project, I engage with this idea by examining what transpires when the data of two videos, each representing conflicting or opposing views, are amalgamated. This exploration transcends mere juxtaposition, introducing a process through which the two videos co-produce each other, thereby creating a novel logic. The outcome is an image that defies reduction to its particular cultural, social, or political moment, transforming into a visual multiplicity that steadfastly refuses binary categorization.

By challenging the prevalent binary paradigm, this investigation opens a space for embracing the richness of ambiguity, contradiction, and interconnectedness. The resulting visual representation not only underscores the limitations of binary thinking but also posits an alternative mode of understanding, one that aligns more closely with the multifarious nature of human experience and the broader world. In so doing, the project contributes to ongoing dialogues about complexity, diversity, and the need for a more expansive conceptual framework that moves beyond the restrictive binaries that have historically shaped thought and perception.

Videos of war and a video of a peaceful beach scene data moshed.  Videos sourced on YouTube.

Anti-racist and racist protest videos data moshed.  Videos sourced on YouTube.

Pride London and anti gay protest videos data moshed.  Videos sourced on YouTube.

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