B(v)inary Cocktails

Deconstructing binary oppositions through video synthesis resulting in glitching, distortions, corruption and malfunctions.

The problem with a system of binary opposites is that it creates an edge between two concepts that cannot exist together. A light switch is either on or off; in a sports match, a team either wins or loses; water is either hot or cold; something in relation to something else can be left or right, up or down, in or out. In reality, there is always a multiplicity of ways to do things, and if multiplicity is such a dominant force in the construction of contemporary life, shouldn’t we spend more time exploring it’s logic?
In this project I explore what happens when the data of two videos representing opposing views are combined. In the process of co-producing each other, a new logic is put forward. The resulting image is no longer a reflection on it’s specific cultural, social, or political moment, but rather a visual multiplicity that refuses to be either one thing or another. 

Videos of war and a video of a peaceful beach scene data moshed.  Videos sourced on YouTube.

Anti-racist and racist protest videos data moshed.  Videos sourced on YouTube.

Pride London and anti gay protest videos data moshed.  Videos sourced on YouTube.