RGBJPEG is a Meta Art project, positioning itself at the intersection of traditional art philosophy and the evolving dynamics of the digital age. The project emphasizes the philosophy of art as its primary concern, transcending mere subject matter, and delves into an exploration of art within the context of the current social media landscape.

We find ourselves in an era dominated by social media giants, a transformative environment where conventional boundaries are in flux, and the distinction between work and leisure is increasingly ambiguous. In this regime of interaction, we witness the proliferation, amateurization, and networking of content, culminating in the dissolution of the art object itself. These phenomena have led to a shift in paradigms, exemplified by the fact that millions of individuals can simultaneously engage with and respond to a seemingly mundane image, such as a cucumber on Instagram (#cucumber).

RGBJPEG, as an Instagram account, serves as a conduit for this exploration, providing an analytical lens through which to understand the logic governing these networked “artworks.” By prioritizing the artistic process and philosophy over the content, the project introduces the concept of “meta art,” a sophisticated approach that encompasses self-referentiality, self-consciousness, and self-parody. This form of art is distinguished by its level of abstraction that transcends the traditional confines of aesthetics, reflecting a critical examination of both the medium and the message.

The project engages in what may be termed ‘micro meta art narratives,’ contrasting with and perhaps even replacing the grand narratives typical of the postmodern condition. In doing so, it opens doors to the introspective aspects of artistic creation, challenging conventional understanding and allowing for a novel interpretation of art itself.

RGBJPEG is more than an artistic endeavor; it is an inquiry into the very nature of art in the context of contemporary culture. It poses profound questions about authenticity, engagement, and the evolving relationship between artist, audience, and medium in a world where art is increasingly fluid and interconnected. By embracing the complexity of this new landscape, RGBJPEG not only contributes to the discourse on art but also provides a compelling illustration of the transformative power of social media within the artistic community.

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