Urban Etchings

Limited Edition of 3 only (+1 AP)

150cm x 150cm (print)

Please enquire about availability

The Urban Etchings series represents an intricate exploration of the multifaceted dimensions of the urban environment, encompassing the complex interplay between human and non-human entities and their interconnected relationships. This series serves as a comprehensive examination of an urban milieu characterized by ceaseless flow and dynamic interchanges of bodies, forces, and materials.

Drawing on the concept of assemblage, the Urban Etchings series creates a mechanistic tableau that integrates mental, social, and environmental ecologies. It transcends mere physical or architectural study, extending into an analysis of how the urban fabric constitutes a living, ever-changing organism. This approach acknowledges the city as a site where all components are interdependent, continually lost and re-invented, with connections and variations that are both manifold and inexhaustible.

In deconstructing the urban environment, the series illuminates the inherent multiplicities that lie beneath the surface of urban existence. It underscores the tensions and harmonies between individuality and collectivity, stasis and motion, and the tangible and intangible forces that shape urban life. These layered insights reveal a network of flows that refuse to be pinned down or categorized, reflecting the nuanced reality of the cityscape.

This method of overlapping human and non-human aspects offers a more holistic view of the urban environment. It challenges conventional distinctions between animate and inanimate, subject and object, and emphasizes the porous boundaries that allow for constant exchange and transformation. The Urban Etchings series thereby contributes to a deeper understanding of urbanism, positioning the city not merely as a physical space but as a complex web of relations where difference and variation thrive, offering new possibilities for engagement and interpretation.

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