Who Holds The Strings?

Limited Edition of 3 only (+1 AP)

150cm x 150cm (print)

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Decoding the Nature / Culture dichotomy as entangled processes which continuously interact, produce and destroy each other.
For a very long time in the Western way of thInking, one of the dominant paradigms was a clear cut distinction between nature and culture. This dichotomy stems from a concept characterized by Descarte’s most famous quote: “cogito ergo sum” (I think therefore I am). This idea that humans are special because they think introduces a binary with a hierarchal structure that is oppressive and very political. These distinctions were maintained for a very long time as a fundamental conceptual tool with which many aspects of reality were approached.
One undeniable fact about humanity is that we must live in some kind of environment—there must be something that provides our food, our air, our water, etc.  If we see the environment as something that must be bent to our will, as an enemy to be bled for resources rather than as an ally to cooperate with, we will destroy our environment and thus destroy ourselves.
In this series of large format prints I investigate the idea that nature and culture are not opposites. They are not in a dialectical binary relationship, but rather interact continuously, producing and destroying each other.